Welcome to Tasty Colours of Poland.

Polish food is still not very well known and usually suffers from stereotypes providing it with a negative reputation. I try to take the best from Polish cooking, to present it and to photograph it a bit differently, more in phase with current trends. But in all situations I thrive to preserve the Polish spirit of the dish. I like to search for origins of selected dishes and why, in my opinion, they sometimes were spoiled. I also want to revive forgotten recipes, to revitalize exceptional places in Poland and outstanding Polish products, to invigorate special events in the regions. 

Is Sauerkraut Really Everywhere?

Some time ago I was invited to

Kutia. Love It or Hate It.

Christmas kutia, kutia, kutia

A Big YES to Polish “schabowszczak”

On 1 July 2011 Poland took

Polish Style “Caprese”

So. Italians have their World

I am back. With Sorrel Soup

Ouloulou, it’s been more

Mushroom Season Part 3

If you only knew how I have

Mushroom season part 2

There exist a lot of

A Season for Forest Mushrooms

I mentioned in my first posts

Home Made Veal Stock

In June, I presented the dish

Food Festival in Gruczno

Forgive me for taking a long

A Very Problematic Bean

One of my father’s summer

Blog of the week Publication

I would like to share with you

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

Do you remember that in my

From a Snob to Foodies – with Love

A couple of weeks ago one of

Bye Bye Paris, and Welcome to Kraków

I would like to apologize to

“S” Like Sandwich and Sandwich Spread

Sandwich is a very popular

My Plan for Cheesecake

We like to make plans. We plan

Good to “Meat” you Pigs!

I like meat, but I like good

“Nightmare” dish – Łazanki

  You will find below a quick

Easter Tartar Sauce

Easter approaches. I am

Almond Tuiles

We celebrated the second

Delicious Sour Rye Soup – Żurek

Polish food has two faces.